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The live Melva theatre show is not currently touring and is unlikely to be available again anytime within the next couple of years. You can sign up to our mailing list to receive updates about future touring, but in the meantime, we recommend our online Melva package – all the magic of the Live Theatre Show, available anytime, anywhere.

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Melva, in the live Melva show, taking some deep breaths
The audience and Melva learn how to better understand and manage their worrits, and discover what true bravery really is.

Melva’s adventure starts when her Grandpa pretends to go missing, forcing her to leave the house and climb the mighty Mount Scratchicle to find him.

Before he disappears, he enlists the help of the audience to keep Melva safe as she tackles the mountain. The audience are with her every step of the way as, together, they learn how to better understand and manage their worrits, and discover what true bravery really is.

In 2019, we developed the theatre show into a full day package for schools, with pre and post-visit classroom activities, a live in-school performance, and follow up workshops with key characters from the play – reaching thousands of young people from across the North East of England.


What people are saying
about Melva

“Melva is simply the best drama intervention I have ever seen […] the rewards are instant and long-lasting”
“Teachers and children thoroughly enjoyed the show, with staff regarding it as a highly professional production that you would normally experience in a theatre”
“The children really enjoyed it. Many of them have never seen a theatre performance before, so it was a great experience to see the theatre lightings and scenery”
“The performance handled so many sensitive issues in a really clever, funny and engaging way”
“I learned that you should listen to people and don’t be scared to share your feelings and your Worrits”
Young Participant
“Our School counsellor watched the whole show and felt it was completely appropriate whilst addressing difficult subjects”
“I thought this was a very accessible medium to introduce children to the cognitive model and dealing with anxiety”

Schools purchasing the
live theatre package get…

A photograph from the live Melva show

A full day of live activity in school

The day before our visit, we temporarily transform your school hall or another suitable venue into a fully functioning theatre space. On the day of the visit, your students will watch (and participate) in 1 x 80 minute performance of the Melva play, and 4 x follow up workshops with actors in role.

Melva, in the live Melva show, surrounded by school children

Pre visit classroom activities

Before our visit, you’ll receive a pack of classroom activities to complete. These activities are designed to introduce the themes of the play and start initiating conversations with your students about mental wellbeing.

They’ll also introduce your students to the world of Melva, and get them set up in their role as Mountain Rescue Volunteers!

The Melva feature film being played in a classroom

Toolkit of child- friendly resources and vocabulary

After we leave, you’ll receive a pack of post-visit classroom activities, to help you follow up on the learning from the day. You can use these activities, along with all the discussions, observations, and activities from the visit day, to shape your whole school approach to wellbeing – utilising the new, child-friendly language introduced in the play, and referencing the characters your students have grown to love.

What you and your children gain from the live theatre package

The Melva programme is rooted in practical and legitimate mental health research.

It specifically focuses on providing children, young people, and the adults in their lives with accessible language and a creative context to make talking and learning about mental wellbeing easier. Specific benefits of the live theatre package include:

An unforgettable, live experience

Children will never forget the day their school hall turned into a real theatre, or the afternoon they spent in their classrooms talking about worrits with Melva Mapletree and her friends from the mountain. They’ll talk about it for weeks afterwards, supporting each other to use what they’ve learned to better manage their worrits.

An opportunity to observe, listen and learn

The performance and workshops are facilitated by the Mortal Fools actors and team members, meaning school staff have the opportunity to take part alongside their students, observe how their class is engaging, and listen to what the children have to say about their own mental wellbeing.

A non-exposing way to discuss mental wellbeing

By learning more about what Melva’s worrits are, and how those worrits affect her – both emotionally and physically – they are enabled to reflect on their own experiences, behaviour and feelings, as well as developing empathy for other people whose experiences are different to theirs.

Highlights of performing Melva so far…


Times we’ve performed Melva


Post-show workshops delivered

12 hours

Of Teacher CPD focusing on wellbeing and resilience delivered


Schools visited across the North-East of England


Schools came to see us perform at Gosforth Civic Theatre


children worked with to help them better understand, recognise, and control their worrits

A photograph from the live Melva show of Melva in the snow
Currently on hold!

Bring Melva to
your school

The live Melva theatre show is not currently touring and we do not currently have plans to resume touring. You can sign up to our mailing list to receive updates about future touring, but in the meantime, we recommend checking out our online Melva package – all the magic of the Live Theatre Show, available anytime, anywhere.

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Melva and Barnabus in the live Melva show

Frequently asked questions

How long does a license last?

School licenses last until the end of the academic year in which they were purchased and will renew automatically at the start of the following year unless cancelled, with invoices issued in July. If you purchase a license towards the end of an academic year e.g. Summer Term, we will liaise with you directly to discuss your license start date.

Family licenses do not expire, but are limited to 4 user profiles and once the game has been completed, it can’t be restarted.

Community or non-academic group licenses will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer any discounts?

We have various discounts available on our online Melva packages, including discounts for multi-license purchases (e.g. via a school trust or a corporate sponsorship) and discounts on license renewals.

Get in touch today to discuss bespoke discounts for group or setting.

When will the live show be available again?

Touring the live show takes a big team of people, a lot of expensive equipment, and a lot of planning – all of which costs a lot of money. In order to make the live show affordable for schools and groups, we need to raise a significant amount of funding to subsidise the cost, and therefore we do not currently have plans to tour the live show again anytime within the next couple of years.

What age range is Melva for?

Melva is designed for young people aged 7-11 (Key Stage 2 in England and Wales, or P4/P5/P6/P7 in Scotland).

Note: Some of the language used in the game may seem advanced for Lower Key Stage 2 (P4/P5). Throughout the Melva programme, we’ve tried to balance the content so that it will appeal to both the upper and lower end of this age range – inevitably this means not everything will land with every child the same way, but this will not hinder their experience.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with my login?

If you are having trouble with your Melva online login, please contact and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: The online user guides also include some basic troubleshooting tips, so please make sure you’ve read this carefully before you start using the platforms.