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A game still showing Melva and her Grandpa in a cafe

Melva Mapletree
and the Quest for
Barnabas Boggle

Our online, interactive storytelling game is perfect for families to use at home. It’s the perfect way to support your young person to talk about and manage their wellbeing, through fun activities and silly characters!

Click below to see what family blogger, North East Family Fun, thought of the game when they tried it out at home!

The character of Gideon from the Melva game stood in his office

Play as Melva’s niggling voice

In this choose-your-own-adventure style game, players take on the role of Melva’s niggling voice – making decisions about what she says and does.

When Melva’s best friend, Barnabas, doesn’t turn up to meet her after school, players must help Melva search Scratchicle Town for clues about his whereabouts and why he’s disappeared. As well as choosing the right path, users must also fun complete games and activities along the way to help keep Melva’s worrits under control.

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What families are saying
about the game

“The game provides lots of practical and workable solutions for helping with childhood anxiety and everyday worries”
NE family fun
“It’s a great resource for helping children identify and understand worries, where they come from and how to address them effectively”
“It’s a great way to engage with your child about what they are feeling/thinking in a way that isn’t you probing them to discuss”
“[My child] found the niggling voice character laugh-out-loud funny. He found the games fun and was able to articulate the purpose”
“This is really fun!”
Young Participant
“When can I go on that cool game again?”
Young Participant
The character of Melva performing in the live show with snow falling a grimace on her face

The Melva Package

The full Melva package is currently only available to schools.

However, if you are a community group leader, Home Education setting or Education Other Than at School (EOTAS) and are interested in using the full Melva package, please get in touch via our registration form to discuss bespoke pricing models, depending on your needs and group size.

Melva game shown on iPad

The Melva Digital Package

Find out more about the full Melva package and its benefits

MELVA has been developed in ongoing consultation with children, teachers and families since 2017, and is available for you to use in your own setting now.

Melva and Barnabus from the live Melva show

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