Gift Melva to a school of your choice

Businesses and individuals can sponsor MELVA and give the gift of mental health education through storytelling to their chosen primary school settings for the next academic year.

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What is Melva?

MELVA is an award-winning creative, web-based programme, created by creative learning charity Mortal Fools, designed to improve children and young people’s knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

It is delivered by teachers in primary school settings and with older young people in specialist provision.

In the context of an ever-growing mental health crisis and with statutory services in such high demand…

… it is falling to schools to support children with their mental health, in place of trained mental health practitioners.

MELVA provides teachers with a ready to deliver intervention, and is designer for all children, not just those who are struggling. It focuses on teaching children the basic skills and understanding they need to keep themselves well, whatever challenges they might face in the future; supporting them to develop resilience pathways and positive emotional responses and relationships.

Interested in MELVA sponsorship and how you or your business could help?

Download our MELVA Sponsorship Overview which is full of testimonials from teachers and children, more detail on the MELVA programme and its impact alongside demonstrating how it could connect to ESG objectives and support children in local communities.

Children watching the Melva feature film in a classroom
MELVA is a tangible, measurable and high impact way, to demonstrate an investment in children and local communities.
Your Impact

Individual schools can purchase MELVA for £750 per academic year

but in the contemporary landscape of ever-changing school budgets, sector cuts, increasing children’s needs and worsening mental health, the cost of the programme can be prohibitive for many settings.

By sponsoring MELVA, businesses can remove this financial barrier, whilst also supporting Mortal Fools – the children’s charity behind MELVA. Most importantly, they will be placing effective mental health resources directly into the hands of the children who need it most.

For businesses passionate about ESG and evidencing corporate social responsibility, MELVA is a tangible, measurable and high impact way to demonstrate an investment in children and local communities.

MELVA Sponsorship
in action

Schools access the MELVA programme through annual licences, which can be gifted by businesses and individuals as part of their ESG commitments.

Sponsorship of the MELVA programme supports children at a developmentally critical age to teach effective wellbeing strategies and build emotional resilience. By the end of this academic year MELVA will have reached and supported approximately 5,000 young people, nearly 800 of which were able to access MELVA thanks to one of our business sponsors.

In the 23/24 academic year, law firm Muckle LLP and architecture practice Ryder Architecture sponsored 13 primary school settings between them. Read what they had to say about their involvement below:

  • Muckle LLP

    Muckle LLP community team selected five North East schools to gift MELVA to as part of their evolving commitment to ESG:

    We are delighted to have been able to partner with Mortal Fools. We believe that business can and should be a force for good – giving back and sharing our success is central to our values and culture. We know that all actions, big and small, can move the needle in a positive direction. That’s why it’s important for us to be able to support our local community with resources like MELVA, that align with our values of supporting young people, overcoming disadvantage, and improving social mobility.

    – Hugh Welch, senior partner from Muckle LLP

  • Ryder Architecture

    Ryder Architecture gifted eight licences to schools across the North as part of their 70th anniversary celebrations:

    Melva has never been more relevant, it tackles issues of anxiety, confidence and mental health in an imaginative and engaging way, and we are delighted to have been able to support the programme as part of our 70th anniversary year.

    Richard Wise, Partner from Ryder Architecture.

The impact of sponsorship

Further support from businesses will help us grow our user base even further, getting this high impact resource into the settings that need it most. We believe businesses must go further and faster, to build a better world for the future workforce and to unlock crucial and urgent support for children and young people in our communities and networks.

MELVA is an immediate investment into the development of foundational life skills, that can enable positive, fruitful lives of children and in the longer term, resilient teenagers and adults that can cope with the realities of the contemporary world

“Sponsorship from compassionate and civic-minded businesses like Muckle LLP and Ryder Architecture has enabled us to remove significant barriers for schools to access MELVA, placing effective mental health resources directly into the hands of the children who need it most. The more businesses like this we work with, the more children we can reach. We would love more businesses to invest in Melva, so we can reach even more young people!”

– Kiz Crosbie, Mortal Fools CEO & Artistic Director.

Sponsoring MELVA: Costs

Cost per setting

Full access to all Melva programmes and their accompanying resources, for one academic year


Cost on renewal

In subsequent years, schools can renew at a discounted price – either personally or through a continued sponsorship relationship


Sponsoring multiple settings?

We also offer multi-purchase discounts for those sponsoring 5+ settings.

Businesses or individuals can choose which settings they gift MELVA to, or our team can work with you to identify appropriate settings.

Kiz Crosbie, Artistic Director and CEO, delivering Teacher CPD to staff from Melva licensed schools
The more businesses we work with, the more children we can reach.
Kiz Crosbie, CEO & Artistic Director

Next Steps

If you’re interested in gifting MELVA, email our Sponsor Relationship Manager today to explore sponsorship opportunities.

We are always open to connecting with businesses and individuals who are interested in sponsoring MELVA. We induct new schools each Autumn, and are actively seeking out sponsors for Academic years 24/25 and 25/26.

Click below to download our brochure, which covers what sponsorship looks like and what the gifted settings gets access to.

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